The Genesis

Created in 2014,
INI-CRCT (Investigation Network Initiative Cardiovascular and Renal Clinical Trialist) is a research network of excellence, made up of men and women, healthcare and research professionals working together to improve the cardiovascular prognosis of renal failure patients. 
Thanks to its excellence, the network has been accredited by the national academic platform "F-CRIN" (French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) and is receiving financial support for five years via the national "Investissements d'Avenir" program supported by the French government.

Our Objectives

From molecule to man: in the service of comprehensive patient care

For patients

- To make research accessible to patients suffering from kidney and heart diseases, from which they were excluded, and to give them equal access to care.
- Reducing cardiovascular risk through innovative therapies based on personalised medicine

For research players

- Access to shared research data from large-scale cohorts
- Integrate a multidisciplinary network of research excellence

For manufacturers

- Provide industry with access to certified clinical research centres to conduct clinical trials according to current quality standards
- To put the network's expertise at the service of industry in order to develop new research protocols and improve the design of clinical studies.

For the company

- To improve knowledge of the links between these diseases to enable everyone to live independently and in a safe environment.
- To reduce the mortality rate of these diseases