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Certification provides guarantees of organizational quality within any type of structure. The ISO9001 quality approach consists in providing proof that a continuous improvement system has been set up within the company. The certification of the INICRCT Network Coordination Unit is the result of the Steering Committee's desire to embark on a certification process with a view to meeting the expectations of our members, as well as those of our supervisory and regulatory bodies, in the best possible way. and our partners.

Axis 1:

Deploy, promote and
sustain the quality management system

Axis 2:

Increasing the network's awareness

Axis 3:

Develop the activities of the coordination unit

Good to know 

ISO 9001 certification for the INI-CRCT network coordination unit was obtained in December 2019 after two years of collective work. A first in the F-CRIN network/component landscape! Beyond the exceptional success collected thanks to the work carried out since 2018 by the Coordination Cell, this achievement reflects the dynamism of the ecosystem we have created, of which our members, our tutelles and our partners are historic driving forces. With you, let's continue to develop the quality of our activities in the service of research.

Proud of its achievements and recognized for its expertise, the Coordination Unit knows that its missions can be pursued sustainably through research, excellence and continuous improvement. It is also attentive to the requirements of its customers and all stakeholders.

The team shares strong values with management: excellence, respect, non-discrimination and parity. These values reflect on all members of the network. This sense of belonging to the INI-CRCT team makes a major contribution to our performance.
With you, let's continue to develop the quality of our activities in the service of research!